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Terms and Conditions

1a)All jobs travelling outside of the Sydney metro area require a credit card deposit ,By agreeing to undertake the removal or storage we incur costs in preparing for it and may also lose the opportunity to undertake further work that would use the same resources , If you cancel or postpone less than 7 days before the removal date then your deposit will be forfeited , no exceptions

1b)All jobs are cash only unless stated

1c)If you are wanting to pay by credit card this must be payed minimum 24hrs of contracted job

1d)Any complaints of the contracted job must be made within 24hrs of job

1e)All jobs unless stated have a minimum of 3 hrs , depot to depot , plus gst

1f)All jobs incur a fuel charge

1g)Movers r us will not be held liable for situations or any damages that may occur due to weather conditions or situations out of our control , such as dirty or stained carpets due to wet exterior , or jobs being held up due to rain or excessive heat , conditions not limited to these examples

1h) Other than by reason of Our negligence or breach of contract, We will not be liable for delays in transit

1i ) If any items that are not on the list provided via the space calculator that client provided or original quote given will be charged , no exceptions, if Movers r us arrive at a job and you have extra items that are not on the original list quoted then we will charge at our discretion for any additional items as this is a variation to the original agreement and price.

1j) Movers r us will not transport plants of any kind ,

1k) Movers r us may refuse the right to transport items that they see not fit to travel , it is at our discretion to do so

1l)) Verbal or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated. If the driver is forced to leave the job because of verbal or any other abuse from the customer; the customer will still be liable to pay in full.

1m) We accept cash & Credit cards. In-case of Credit card payments additional surcharges apply and must be paid 24hrs in advance. Payments must be made at the completion of the job. It is Your responsibility to ensure that You have enough money to pay the driver at the completion of the job. You may not withhold any part of the agreed price. In such a situation, the payment requested will also have an estimate of time that may take to unload the goods. If payment is not made in full in this situation, the unloading of goods will not start until such time the full payment is made. If any dispute arises on the payment amount and cannot be resolved at that time, We reserve the right to refuse to unload the goods until the time full payment is made.

1n) Due to the explosive, flammable or toxic nature of some substances, Movers r us will not transport these items Besides the many obvious reasons, if a Removalist were to load any of these onto their truck they would most probably be contravening the conditions of their Transit Insurance policy. Movers r us will not transport any of these items below:

a.. Pesticides

a.. Paint Thinners

a.. Oil

a.. Petrol

a.. Kerosene

a.. Methylated Spirits

a.. Turpentine

a.. Weed Killers

a.. Photographic Chemicals

a.. Swimming Pool Treatments

a.. Cooking Oils

a.. Cleaning Solvents

a.. Aerosol Cans

a.. Matches

a.. Firelighters Pesticides

a.. Gas bottles

a.. Fuel Cans

a.. Paint

1o) Rooty Hill Removals & Movers r us are one and the same company

Movers r us Australia reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, Movers r us can alter pricing without notice , You are accordingly advised to consult the Terms & Conditions each time you view and use the Website and our services. Do not use our services if you do not agree to all of the above terms and conditions.